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Crash of ACCDataServices on start up or running Continuum


The ACCDataServices application is crashing on start up of CyberStation


  • CyberStation
  • Windows XP


Windows permissions issue

Windows Firewall



  1. Make sure when installing CyberStation the user has Local Admin rights to the computer
  2. Make sure Windows Firewall is turned off during the install
  3. Make sure all VirusScan software is turned off during the install.
  4. Check the event notifications and verify that none of them are set for the recipients to have pager, log or forward which can create unnecessary traffic when using enhanced alarm delivery. Database Initialization > Server (or Stand Alone) > see check box
  5. Check that each action in the event notification i.e. 'Display Graphic' has a corresponding object for the point alarming.
  6. Run acctrace and/or the Continuum error  log and wireshark to determine if there are errors. Cleaning up these issues can relieve the system and these errors. The Windows application/system logs and system.nfo/Belarc advisor can help gather info about the PC. See Top 10 Steps for Troubleshooting Cyberstation and webClient issues.
  7. If there is a 3rd party bacnet device, disable or unplug the device to see if the issue is related to the flooding of traffic into Continuum
  8. Liebert Sitelink- If you are on 1.93 and below, the Sitelink trendlogs could affect Continuum. Upgrade to 1.94 and disable trendlogs. Engineering is working on a hotfix for this issue. (Not released as of 11/29/12)
  9. Stand Alone Windows 7 system - A stand alone system can easily tax resources when extended logging, graphics, SQL Server, Cyber, etc. are all running on the same system. Eliminate any errors in the error log and disable certain functions to see if this helps. Consider a server class PC depending on what the system functions that are required by the site.
  10. Install Cyberstation 1.94 SP1 and related firmware updates as there are many fixes to address accdataservices.exe crashes (See Continuum 1.94 SP1 Service Pack to address accdataserices.exe crashes and other issues)
  11. Do not mix 1.94 and 1.94 SP1 Cyberstations on the same db, this could cause accdataservices crashes
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