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Create a Door that uses the "Two Man Rule"


How to create a door that uses the "Two Man Rule" for security access.


I/NET Seven rev 2.10 and above


The “Two Man Rule” feature provides for configuring cards to be used either as an Escort or an individual requiring an Escort. An “Escort” card is granted access depending on a time schedule. An “Escort Required” card is granted access depending on the time schedule; however, there is another condition for “Escort Required” individuals. They only have access if an “Escort” or another “Escort Required” card with the proper Time Schedule, is presented to the reader within 10 seconds of their card read.


  1. Set up the Feature on a Door. Select the Features button.

  2. In the Function Area create the Escort and Escort Required entries.

  3. Select the Door that is going to utilize the Two Man Rule. Then choose the Schedule button.

    1. This is the Time Schedule the Escort will have for this Door.

    2. This is the Time Schedule the Escort Required individual will have for this door.

  4. Set up two special groups for the individuals that will have access to the Door using the Two Man Rule.

    1. These are the doors that are assigned to the Escort group.

    2. These are the doors that assigned to the Escort Required group.

  5. In this example, there are only these two individuals that have access to the Two Man Rule Door. However, this can be increased by assigning individuals to either of the groups based on the rights they are allowed to have.

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