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Creating Folder Structure to Organize Reports


Creating Folder Structure to Organize Reports



StruxureWare for Building Operation Report Server


A large number of reports may result in difficulty navigating the report tree.  The following processes allow you to sort the various created reports.


Creating folders to store the saved reports. 

  1. Log into the SQL Report manager from the reports Server using the URL http://localhost/Reports   or  http://localhost/Reports_SQLEXPRESS
  2. Open the folder you wish to add new folders to.  For this example I will use the Production reports folder.  
  3. Click "New Folder"
  4. Name the Folder and click OK
  5. NOTE: In order for the Folder to show up in the reports Server, it will have to have at least one object inside of it. You can move any report to the new folder by clicking on the drop down beside it and selecting "Move".

Updating the StruxureWare reports Server to display the new folders 

  1. Connect to the StruxureWare Web Reports interface, using an account that is part of the Reports Administrators group.
  2. Click on Report Packs.
  3. At the bottom of the Screen click "Synchronize"
  4. This must be done to apply any changes made in the SQL Report Server Web interface to the StruxureWare Reports Server

Saving a Reports parameters for quicker access.  You may wish to save a report to quickly run last months Trend Data. This type of saved report is referred to as a "Dashboard Report"

  1. Run the report you wish to save, using the desired parameters
  2. Above the report, click Save As
  3. In the Report name Field, type the Folder name and report name that you wish to use. NOTE you are limited to 30 characters for the report name.
  4. Be sure to check the "Dashboard report" option. Without this option checked you will be making a duplicate of the original report. The Dashboard Report option saves the parameters you have selected.
  5. Click "Save as"
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