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Creating a Backup of the SQL Database


Creating a Backup of the SQL Database


I/NET Seven


A backup of the database should be done once a month, at least, to ensure that everything is saved in the event of a crash or an upgrade is needed. This will assist in getting the system up and running again with little or no downtime


  1. Close I/NET and I/O Server
  2. Go to Start > Programs > I/NET and select DBCreate Utility
  3. Log on using the username/password that was created when I/NET was installed
  4. Select the option for backup database
  5. Select the location where this backup would be placed. Preferably on another folder outside of I/NET
  6. Select Start and name the file the date that it is being done on for easy reference and then let the program run
  7. Upon completion, verify that the file was created with the date and time stamp.
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