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Creating a Door for Read In/Out


How to set up a Door on a controller for use as Read In/Out Access



Windows 7

Server2012 R2

Server 2014


There is no documentation on how to do this in AccessXpert


In order to do this, the following steps need to be followed:

1. Open up the site instance from IE

2. Log on to the system and Select the View All Hardware Icon

3. Select  the Interface that the door will be configured on

4. Uncheck the box  for Card In/ Free Out on Door Behavior

5. Click on the Save button on the bottom of the screen

6. Add a Reader to the interface and name accordingly for the IN Reader

7. Click on the Strike Button and verify that the Strike Relay is set to (Relay 1)

8. Click on the Door Switch button and select the proper setting for the Door Contact Tab

9. Click on Save and Close on the bottom

10. Click on the interface again and add a secondary Reader and make it a Slave Reader

11. Name accordingly as the Out Reader

12. If you notice this does not have any REX or Door Status Buttons to select from.

12. Click on Save

13. Restart the controller

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