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Creating a new Tool.


How to create a new Tool for an application to run.


All versions of I/Net Seven.


How to create a new Tool to be functional on a graphic page.


User Tool Type

TAC I/NET Seven displays this dialog when you add, copy, or modify a tool from the User Tool Configuration editor. Use this dialog to define a name for a tool, and to choose the tool type.

  1. Define a Name for the tool (up to 50 characters).
  2. Choose a tool type. The following options are available:
    •  Event – Choose this tool to execute an event sequence defined in a controller.
    •  Shortcut – Choose this tool to launch another application, run a batch file, open a file, visit a website (via a batch file), etc.
  3. Select OK to accept these settings. If you chose Event in the previous step, TAC I/NET Seven displays the Event Selection dialog. If you selected Shortcut in the previous step, TAC I/NET Seven displays a file selection dialog, allowing you to choose the file or application to be launched by the tool.

Example of Creating a Tool to Open a URL

The following example describes how to create a tool that will open in your system's default web browser.

  1. Using Notepad, create a new text file and type the following line of text:
  2. Save the file to your PC as OpenMSN.bat.
  3. Add a new tool using the steps described at the beginning of this help topic. Use the following guidelines:

 For the tool type choose Shortcut.
 When the file selection dialog appears, select the OpenMSN.bat batch file that you just created.

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