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Creating an EventNotification Email and Page Distribution List


Need requirements for email notifications


Continuum Cyberstation



Outlook 2007 (32bit Only)

Outlook 2010 (32bit Only)


Requirements for sending email notifications with Continuum


Here are some requirements for forwarding Continuum workstation alarm events via email and paging:

  • The Continuum workstations that have been designated primary and backup email and/or page handlers must have a MAPI-compliant email client such as Microsoft Exchange or Outlook.
  • The email client application must communicate with an existing email server application, such as MS Exchange Server.
  • The primary or backup email/paging workstation must be running Continuum at the time an alarm is generated.
  • Each EventNotification object associated with the alarms that you wish to email or page must have its own email distribution list in the personal address book of the client email application using a specified naming convention as outlined in the table below.
  • This email distribution list must be stored in the first address book shown in the list of available address books in the email client application. For example, if you create an EventNotification distribution list in the Personal Address Book in Microsoft Outlook, then the Personal Address Book must be the first one showing in the address list dropdown box when you open the Address Book.

How to Create an EventNotification Distribution List

Note: The following steps are based on Microsoft Outlook(32bit). Other mail applications may have different menu names and choices but the general procedure is the same.

  1. Open the Address Book for the email account on the Continuum workstation that will be providing the email/paging services. Your toolbar may have a button for this. If not, use the Address Book option of the Tools menu.
  2. Select New Entry from the Address Book File menu.
  3. Select the entry type Personal Distribution List and put this entry in the Personal Address Book.
  4. In the Name field enter a name for the distribution list using the following format: For E-mail: For Paging: where name is the name of the EventNotification.
  5. Add members (the email addresses or pager and service numbers of those to whom the notification of the alarm will be sent) to your personal distribution lists.
  6. Set address book options so that the address book where your personal distribution lists are stored is the first one to be searched when sending emails or pages.
  7. ** Ensure that there are not 2 PCs using the same email account for Outlook.
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