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Credential 1 Tab is Grayed out in the Personnel Editor


Upgraded a system from v1.74 to 1.93. Credential 1 tab is now grayed out in the personnel editor for users who had access to all personnel editor tabs previously.  



Access Control

Personnel objects


After an upgrade from v1.74 to v1.93 the personnel editor Credential 1 tab is grayed out for users who previously had access to all personnel editor tabs. If using the PIM, however, all the attributes, including the ones shown on the Credential 1 tab, are accessible to the same users. 


Continuum creates some new features in v1.93 locked by default. So, any user that did have administrator or Group 1 access (i.e everything unlocked) finds that they are now locked out of the Credential1 tab because it didn't appear in the previous version (in this case v1.74). The resolution is to unlock (change from "locks" to "keys") all the new features for User Security Group 1 as well as any other groups that require this access.

If  'Security' is grayed out when right clicking on the Continuum icon then the security settings for the user will have to be reset via s SQL query. (Contact PSS for query)

However, if using the new v1.93 PIM (Personnel Information Manager) you will not notice this, because you are allowed access. It is only when you use the personnel editor that this is observed.

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