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Cyberstation offline alarm from another Cyberstation


Sites may need the ability to monitor the Online/Offline status of a Cyberstation from another Cyberstation


Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


A Cyberstation offline alarm helps to alert personnel that action should be taken to make sure the Cyberstation is brought back online


Create a Binary Value AlarmNum in the Cyberstation on WS_1

Create a looping program in Cyberstation WS_1 that monitors the comm status of WS_2

    Example code:  If WS_2 = OffLine then AlarmNum = Active Else AlarmNum = Inactive

Use an existing or create a new Event notification and select Display Alarm View and add WS_1 as a recipient

Use an existing or create a new Alarm Enrollment (i.e. Cyberstation Offline)

    Use expression  Value=Active

Set up an Alarm in the Advanced Alarm tab on the AlarmNum binary value

Once all this is set up, pull the ethernet cable from WS_2 and the alarm will come into the Alarm View on WS_1

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