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DC1100 / DC1400 - Changes to the Set Space Temperature do not work.


Changes to the Set Space Temperature do not work.


  • DC1100
  • DC1400
  • Controller
  • Compensator
  • Optimiser
  • Setpoint


The pump overrun is timing down and will not allow the controller to act normally until it is complete.


If the "Set Space Temperature" value is modified, then after the rotary switch is returned to "Auto", the user must wait until the Pump Overrun function has timed out.

Where adjustments are generally being made, it is recommended that the Pump Overrun setting is set to 1 minute until  testing has been completed, after which it should be return to its required setting.

To change the Pump Overrun setting carry out the following:

  1. Turn the rotary switch to "Setup".
  2. Select "System Menus" then "Alter Settings", and then enter the password of 0112.
  3. Select "Compensator", then "Set-up Menu", and then "Pump Overrun".
  4. Note the current value then change it to 1.
  5. On completion of the tests return the setting to its correct value.

For the DC1100 data sheet, click here.

For the DC1400 data sheet, click here.

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