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DLA with Building Operation


Distributed Link Architecture DLA with StruxureWare Building Operation


Large TAC I/NET Seven site with StruxureWare Building Operation installed


Does Distributed Link Architecture (DLA) supported with StruxureWare Building Operation as the front end?


TAC I/NET allows you to define a system-wide total of up to 100 links in order to connect controller LANs to the TAC I/NET system. In the traditional TAC I/NET system, if you use Xenta 527 Routers (NPRs) to connect remote controller LANs (i.e., sites) to TAC I/NET, each site consumes one unique link address. This limits the traditional TAC I/NET system to a maximum of 100 sites.
The purpose for adding Distributed Link Architecture (DLA) capabilities to NPRs, and to the TAC I/NET IOServer, is to allow multiple NPRs to share the same link number. In a system that is configured to use DLA-enabled NPRs, up to 64 sites can share a single link address. The shared link is referred to as a distributed link. The use of distributed links allows the TAC I/NET system to support up to 6400 sites.
Note: TAC I/NET’s system-wide limits of 6,400 controllers and 100 link addresses must be observed, regardless of whether or not DLA functions are enabled. For example, if your TAC I/NET system already contains 6400 controllers, implementing DLA will not allow you to expand the system with additional sites of controllers.

TAC I/NET Seven DLA is supported with Building Operation

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