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DPU Offline


DPU Offline shows up when the Door Configuration is selected from the Summary Controller.


All versions of I/NET


The Resident I/O Points for those doors are either non existent in the save file, offline or have lost communications to the controller.


  1. Verify that the DPUs are Online and communicating to the Controller by clicking connect
  2. Controller/MCU Configuration and verify that the addresses are blue and communicating
  3. Select Resident I/O Points and verify that the 08 and 09 points does exist for the respective points
  4. If not add and then update the database
  5. Select Summary/Door Configuration/ and verify that the doors are now in blue rather than red indicating that they are online.

Temporary Individuals have the DPU RES check box, which means the information is stored in the DPU (such as a SCU) until the battery runs out.

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