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Damper actuator with on/off or 3-point control


Which damper actuators are available with 3-point control?


8751001000 Actuator Damper MD5B-230

8751003000 Actuator Damper MD5B-230-S

8751005000 Actuator Damper MD5B-24

8751007000 Actuator Damper MD5B-24-S

8751011000 Actuator Damper MD10B- 230

8751015000 Actuator Damper MD10B-24

8751021000 Actuator Damper MD20B- 230

8751025000 Actuator Damper MD20B-24

8751035000 Actuator Damper MD40B-24







Both modulating control (0-10V) and On/Off 3-point control damper actuators are available.


All MDX(X)B damper actuators are On/Off or 3-point control.

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