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Daylight saving settings when using external time controller.


Daylight saving (DST) settings when using external time controller.


  • Vista Server
  • NTP External Time Controller


Sometimes customers prefer to use an external software and/or device to monitor and set the actual time in the computer, sometimes it also controls the daylight savings.


When using TAC Vista servers in a network with an external time server (e.g. connected to the TAC Vista master server) it might be a good idea to switch of the daylight saving and only use standard time. The daylight saving/standardtime is controlled by the events, $Summer and $Winter. They can be changed in the property menu for the server object.

  1. First, make sure that all computers don’t have the checkbox “automatically adjust clock for daylight savings” checked in the date and time property dialog, with this box unchecked, TAC Vista controls the daylight savings on the computer.
  2. You also need to set TAC Vista in standard time status (if it isn't already).If it is, go to the properties menu on the server object, Time control. Make sure that “daylight saving difference” is changed from 60 min to 0 min. Then go to the daylight savings menu and uncheck the start and stoptime to make sure that the event doesn’t run next time. Do the same thing in the standard time menu.
  3. If you’re in daylight savings mode already, you have to run the standard time event. Do this by selecting weekday and month. e.g. third Wednesday in April. Change the start time to a couple of minutes later, press ok and open the properties dialog again to make sure that next event is happening soon. Check the state in the properties menu on the server object, Time control, it should be standard time now. Now do the settings mentioned in chapter 2. By doing this the external time server now can control time and daylight savings in the TAC Vista network.
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