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Deleting an object when it does not have a matching Index entry.


Deleting an object that does not have a matching Index entry.







No index entry


Although an object is shown in the Pntfle.rec, a matching entry is not present in the Index.


If an object exists in the Pntfle.rec, and the Index entry for this object is missing, then the object cannot be deleted.

The following describes the easiest way of correcting the problem.

  • Using an appropriate tool review the Pntfle.rec file and make a note of the object details. These would include the complete mnemonic, the object type, the object number, and the controller number.

Using Windows explorer navigate to the correct controller folder.

  • Rename the existing Pntfle.rec to OLDPntfle.rec
  • Rename the existing Pointer.bin to OLDPointer.bin

Add a new object in the correct location within the Index to match the Mnemonic structure, that uses the recorded object number, controller number and object type.

Using Windows explorer navigate to the correct controller folder.

  • Delete Pntfle.rec
  • Delete Pointer.bin
  • Rename OLDPntfle.rec to Pntfle.rec
  • Rename OLDPointer.bin to Pointer.bin

The object can now be deleted as normal.

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