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Deleting orphaned index entries with SigmaX


A SigmaX Doctor report indicates category A errors similar to:-

UNC = 92 Object No. = 97 INDEX.REC ERROR

Index entry does not have a matching point file entry

UNC = 92 Object No. = 98 INDEX.REC ERROR

Index entry does not have a matching point file entry





Index editor


This error indicates that although an Index entry exists in the database the Outstation pointfile does not contain the object. This is typically caused by objects being deleted in the field from a technicians laptop and then subsequently the outstation pointfile has been uploaded to the server leaving the index on the server still containing the objects deleted in the field.


Once it has been verified that the objects should indeed not exist, the orphaned index entries can be deleted using the Doctor index editor.

Please note that there is no undo function or prompting in this utility, you need to be extremely careful and always ensure that you have a backup before proceeding.

  1. From SigmaX open the Doctor utility
  2. Run the Index editor
  3. Enter the UNC and object number (with the pipe character between) you wish to search for in the "Find" area e.g. 92|97 for UNC 92 object 97
  4. Click "Point" in the Find area and you should be taken to the line in the index file that contains this object
  5. Enter the Index editor password in the "Edit" area, password is IE
  6. Click the delete button
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for additional entries
  8. Click the index.bin button when complete to create a new index.bin file and close down the Index Editor
  9. Run the Doctor Error check again and verify that the issue is resolved.


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