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Deny Entry Tenant Messages in I/NET AMT


A Deny Entry Tenant Message is given instead of a valid card read.

Product Line



  • I/NET Seven
  • AMT


The Deny Entry Tenant message is delivered when the credential read is not known to the controller for any of the following reasons:

  • The door being read is not part of the individuals tenant.
  • The SLI does not have the correct database
  • Card Translation is incorrectly enabled/disabled in the door editor
  • There is a hardware error with the Card reader.


General Steps:

  1. Determine if the issue only happens to a single individual or a group or all cards.
  2. Select Access>Tenant.
  3. Verify that the door has been added to the correct tenant(s)
  4. Select Edit>Individuals and browse to the card(or a test card) in question.
  5. Verify that the card has the been added to the door correctly.
  6. Follow the directions in How to force a download of card data to force a download. If this fixes the issue, go to the "SLI does not have the correct database section"
  7. In AMT, select window options and add the message column to the window
  8. Find a Deny entry tenant message and see if the message column matches up with Hex card number for the badge that was read. If all you get is a scrambled number, There is probably a hardware error.

Verify Card Translation is Enabled (this section assumes you are using large card number format)

  1. Select Access>Doors
  2. Modify the door in question
  3. Check the box next to "Card Translation". If this option is not available you will need to flip Dip switch 7 on the SCU
  4. Compare this setting to a few other doors on the system. Thy should all have the same setting

Hardware Error

  1. The easiest way to prove a hardware error is to plug a spare card reader directly into the DPU or SCU.
  2. If the problem is immediately solved replace the field reader.
  3. If not, try unplugging other readers on the controller and see if the problem goes away for that reader.
  4. It is possible that the controllers power supply is no sufficient to power the reader. Use an external power supply instead.

Various known fixes for SLI database Errors:

Take the SLI to it's boot state and restore bin file and database files from the Server

If you are using I/NET 2.15-2.21, upgrade to 2.31

Insufficient memory: The SLI will allocate memory for all possible individuals in a tenant regardless if they are used or not. For example, if the site has only 500 cards, but the tenant is set to 32000 individuals, this will use the same controller memory as a site with 25000 individuals.  Reducing the number of individuals allocated in the tenant has been shown to clear up Denied Entry Tenant messages.

System traffic: In I/NET 2.31 and above, the filemaster or server will indicate when badge data is being downloaded on a status bar in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If this indicator is constantly showing downloads, it is due to poor system communication causing constant polling of the database.  Follow these steps to fix this issue.

  1. Turn Automatic DPU restore off on all links and wait for the download messages to stop. (this is done by selecting Edit>Host Computer>Network Configuration, then modifying each link)

  2. Wait for the automatic downloads already requested to finish.

  3. Re-enable Automatic DPU restore on each link, one at a time. Wait for the system to finish individual downloads before moving on.

  4. When you find a link that take an excessive amount of time (compared to others) to finish downloading, troubleshoot that links controller LAN wire.

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