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[Dev File] Xenta 5/7/9xx Modbus RTU Integration to Rayleigh Instruments CT-2EA kilowatt-hour meter


Integration of the Rayleigh Instruments CT-2EA kilowatt-hour meter with the Xenta 5xx\Xenta7xx Xenta 913 and Modbus RTU


Xenta 511, 527, 55, 701, 711, 721 (5.1.5 up)

Xenta 731, 913 (all versions)


Rayleigh Instruments CT-2EA kilowatt-hour meter


Disclaimer:  This device template is intended to provide a starting point for an integrator and is not meant to be a mandatory points list for your integration project.

Product Support Services has written this device template in an effort to give our customers a solid example of how to develop a device template for the above product.  The integrator will be responsible for any additions or modifications to this device template.


Please report any problems with this template to Product Support, via the Contact link at the top of this page.


Please use the following dev file as a starting point and a guide to the integration.  This .dev file contains all of the registers in the device published by the manufacturer.  If any other data is required please see the latest Rayleigh Instruments documentation to make the necessary changes.


To use these files in XBuilder please follow these steps:

1.  Extract the .dev file from the .zip file in the link above and place it in a convenient location on your harddrive.
2.  In XBuilder, right-click on the Modbus Master device and choose 'Add Device'.
3.  Browse to the extracted dev file and choose 'Open'.
4.  Rename the newly added device to a unique name within the Modbus Master network.

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