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Difference in script handling since Vista 5.1.8


Error messages appear in graphics that have worked in previous versions.


TAC Vista TGML graphics editor/ workstation graphics 5.1.8 and newer


There are a number of changes made in TGML in version 5.1.8, but one of the changes in the way we handle scripts being run when in a graphic when a link is invoked may cause errors. 


One of the commonly used menu-components invokes a link via a script within a script. Previously the scripts remained in the cache memory and all running functions were completed, but in 5.1.8 the cache is emptied as soon as a new graphic is invoked. In this case evt.stopPropagation() should be used to terminate any scripts that could potentially run after invoking a link, for example when using nested scripts.

A fix has been posted on the Graphics Exchange that addresses this issue. This is not an official Schneider Electric fix and Schneider Electric takes no responsibility for issues arising from it's use (Go to Community Post).

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