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Differences between Continuum Plain English and StruxureWare Building Operation Script


Not all commands in Plain English are available in Building Operation Script.


Script editor in Building Operation


Conversion of PE to Building Operation script is unsuccessful.

Unsupported Script commands.


Plain English may be imported into Building Operation; however, there are some minor edits that must be performed to make it work. Bindings must be applied.

There is some automated manipulation of PE to Script upon import and it should continue to improve in future releases. By creating a "dump" file in Continuum and editing the file to remove the Header and Footer areas, the remaining code can be imported into Building Operation as Script. There are some functions Continuum uses that will not be used in Building Operation, the Script will error upon event to save if unsupported code is used in the imported script. Notification of each line of code is in error will occur upon a save attempt. Navigate to the lines in error and correct the code.

The following link has information on PE to Script changes. Log in is required to access full online help:
StruxureWare Building Operation Online Help

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