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Difficulty creating a BACnet Pulse Converter


 Found Webhelp link entitled "Configuring a BACnet Pulse Converter (Generic)" but cannot create one.




Object type is not available in any devices currently discovered on the system.


A BACnet Pulse Converter (and BACnet Accumulator) are BACnet Object Types. There are currently no Schneider Electric SmartStruxure products that contain either of these object types. Therefore, the only devices that have these BACnet object types are Third Party Devices.

You will first need to discover one of these devices and then when the properties are discovered you will see that the device has one or more BACnet Pulse Converters and/or BACnet Accumulators object. It is then that you can configure settings for the object(s). Below is a partial screenshot of the Webhelp configuration page for the object type.


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