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Direct Connect Xenta 527-NPR or 527 Web Server through I/NET


Direct Connect Xenta 527-NPR or 527 Web Server through I/NET


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Direct Connect a Xenta 527-NPR or 527 Web Server through I/NET


Are you using a Xenta 527-NPR or 527 Web Server and want to direct connect to it through I/NET and not having any luck? There are a couple of things that you need to set up in the unit for serial communication to I/NET through Port A (RS 232). The Xenta 527 NPR is set at factory default (RS232 Port A). The following steps should get you through this:

  1. Start I/Net and create a profile for the NPR (Net Plus Router) in I/O Server, then make this active.
  2. Verify that you have the correct cable to hook up from the serial port of the PC to Port A (RS 232) on the unit. (L1: RJ45 to RJ45 part # 0-073-0817). Connect them together.
  3. At this time you will need to start X Builder, if you don’t have it already, then you need to download it from the Exchange Extranet.
  4. The path is TAC Vista > Engineering Tools > TAC XBuilder > TAC XBuilder 1.5 (or latest revision). Download this to the PC.
  5. Start XBuilder through Programs > TAC > TAC Tool > XBuilder.
  6. Once started, select File\ New Project\(Project Name)\Location (default)\Project Template (select 527 Project), call it 527 NPR or whatever makes sense to you.
  7. At the settings Editor, just hit the OK button.
  8. Once the Editor comes up, in the Network frame, expand the TAC_Xenta_527. Right Click on the RS232-485A selection, click on Add then select I/NET.
  9. If you click on the TAC_Xenta_527, you will see all the settings that you have originally set up through Hyper Terminal or you can put those in at this time.
  10. Now select the Generate Icon or press F10 to generate the file. In the bottom of your project you would see a message that says Xbuilder – 0 error(s), 0 warning (s). This indicates that your project is now complete without errors.
  11. Now select the Rocket Ship Icon or press F11 to transfer the file to the unit.
  12. Once completed, restart or cycle power on the 527.
  13. Go to I/Net\Edit\Host Computer\Network Configuration and your 527 will show up in the Link Summary. At this time you can save the link, penetrate it and save the controllers etc. the old fashioned way.

At this time you should be able to work on your system through a direct connect on a Xenta 527 NPR/Webserver unit.

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