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Disable FTP in the Xenta 5/7/9xx Controllers


Disable FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in all X5/7/9xx controllers


Xenta 511, 527, 527-NPR, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


In some high security project installations, local IT groups require that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) be disabled on all devices within their network.


  1. FTP into the Xenta 5/7/9xx controller by typing FTP://x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the controller) in the Windows Explorer address bar.
  2. Login with the root username and root password.
  3. Browse to the sys/system/ftp.cfg file and copy it to the desktop of the local machine.
  4. Open the ftp.cfg file with notepad on the local machine.
  5. Set the FTPMaxUsers="4" line to FTPMaxUsers="0" and save the file.
  6. Copy the file back to the FTP session on the controller and paste / replace it over the existing file.
  7. Logout of the FTP Session
  8. Cold start the controller

Now the Xenta 5/7/9xx controller will not have FTP access.

If there is a need to re-enable FTP please follow this steps on the Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, & 913

  1. Login into the controller via the web interface with the root level username and password.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Servers > FTP Server
  3. Set the Max. number of users back to a valid number of 1-5 and click save.
  4. Cold start the controller.

If FTP needs to be re-enabled on the Xenta 527-NPR the only option will be to reload the system program. This is because the 527-NPR does not have a full web configuration interface like all other Xenta 5/7/9xx controllers to set the number of users.


Update note: In later versions of the Xenta Server, FTP is disabled by default (the number of users are set to 0).

If you still can't login to FTP, try to format the controller, reload the system program and try it again. Then it should work now.

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