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Disable a program from another program with Script


At times it's necessary to programmatically disable a program from another program


  • SmartStruxure
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008


A program will not just stop another program without some additional steps. In Continuum there was an ability to just name another program stop it.


A program can stop itself,  however, here is a way for one program to stop another program. The user can declare an input variable in a program, check it and stop the program, based on the value of that variable. That input variable would be set from outside the program.

Example: Prog1 stops Prog2



Numeric Output OutStopProg    ‘bound to the input variable InStopProg of prog2

‘Stop program Prog2

OutStopProg = true        ‘this statement sets the input variable InStopProg  of Prog2 to true



Numeric Input InStopProg     ‘bound to the OutStopProg variable of Prog1

If InStopProg = true then Stop   ‘this statement stops prog2 if InStopProg  is true

In a future revision, this process will be revised to make it simpler.

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