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Disallow Xenta Server web users or operators from changing their own password


It may be desirable to the building management to remove web users and operators' privileges to change their own password.


Xenta Server


By default all users are able to change their own passwords.


While the privilege that each user has to be able to change their password cannot be removed through standard configuration methods, it can, nevertheless, be removed through the FTP server of the Xenta controller. However, these changes will apply to all web users or to all operators rather than just specific users.

  1. Connect to the FTP of the Xenta 5/7/9xx controller by typing FTP://x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the controller) in the Windows Explorer address bar.
  2. Login with the root username and root password.
  3. Browse to the ftp://x.x.x.x/www/config/ folder and copy the either the file named operatormenu.xml or webusermenu.xml (depending on which type of user needs to be edited) and copy it to the desktop of the local machine.
  4. Open the ftp.cfg file with notepad on the local machine.

    If you are editing the web user file then delete the following lines:
    <MENU name="User Administration" value="/wm/useradmin" type="CFGDIR">
    <MENU name="Change Password" value="/wm/useradmin/change_password" type="CFGPAGE"/>
    If you are editing the operator file then only delete the following lines:
    <MENU name="Change Password" value="/wm/useradmin/change_password" type="CFGPAGE"/>
  5. Save the file to the desktop without changing the name.
  6. In the FTP rename the original file by adding a "1" to the end of the name. For example webusermenu.xml would now be named webusermenu1.xml. This way you can keep the original file in the FTP if you ever need to revert back to it.
  7. Copy the newly edited file from the desktop to the FTP folder. If you are already logged into the Xenta server then log out and log back in.

    The menu should no longer be available.

Important Note: If the system program is reloaded in the Xenta Server, these changes will be over-written and will need to be re-done.

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