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Discovering Lon Devices in SmartStruxure


How to discover MNL Lon devices in SmartStruxure Automation Server (AS)


  • SmartStruxure Workstation
  • Automation Server




To discover a LonWorks device

1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, select the server that is connected to the device you want to discover.

2. Click the Device Discovery view.

3. In the Select device type box, select LonWorks.


4. Select the Devices folder.

5. On the Actions menu, click Activate listen to service pin.

6. Press the service pin on the physical device.

7. In the Device Discovery view, ensure that the LonWorks device is displayed in the Devices folder. This may take up to 5 seconds.

8. On the Actions menu, click Deactivate listen to service pin. (NOTE: Be sure to discover all devices before you deactivate “Listen to service pin”)

9. Drag the discovered service pin (device) to the System Tree pane:

   • Drag to an existing device to associate it with the discovered physical device.

   • Drag to the LonWorks network to create the device.


NOTE:  You cannot drag a standard MNL LonWorks device to the System Tree pane if the discovered device is in an unconfigured state

For more information, refer to the Creating and Configuring a LonWorks Network with MNL LonWorks Devices [102423].pdf document 

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