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Display options now the DCX250 is no longer available


Display options now the DCX250 is no longer available



DCX250 Touch Screen Display part number 01-0008-300


The DCX250 is not available from January 2012 Click Here


There is no direct replacement for the DCX250
There is no other display that works directly on infinet.

The Continuum display options are-

  • Netcontroller IO Bus - Infistat or LD-1
  • Direct connection to some controllers - Smart sensor or xP-Display
  • A Continuum Cyberstation could be used if more information and input is required.
  • Another option would be a Bacnet or Lon display.

The L-VIS from Loytec using bacnet MSTP may be such an option (
(LON via NC2-F- port16 would also be an option, see Lessons Learned Article #5185)
NOTE - All support for this product is via Loytec

The EMX 170 was a small display and keyboard available for some older Infinity Controllers (i1)
This unit is obsolete, although it may be possible to repair one. There is no replacement for this unit.
If the i1 controller is being replaced with an i2 unit then either a smart sensor or an xP Display plus room sensor could be used

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