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Display true output status of Universal Outputs on a Xenta 102-AX


How to display a binary on/off value for fan the following hardware outputs for a Xenta 102-AX graphic page:

  • Fan command
  • Heat 1 command
  • Heat 2 command
  • Damper open
  • Damper close


  • Xenta 102-AX
  • StruxureWare Building Operation
  • TGML Graphics


Universal Outputs 1, 2, and 3 on a Xenta 102-AX are controlled via percent based values. Through hystereses, they will turn on and off. Without knowing the previous status of the output, values between 1% and 99% will be unclear as to the present value of the output.

Note: due to this SNVT being of a user-defined type, TAC Vista Workstation is unable to display these values. This solution can only be applied to a SmartStruxure Solution.


  1. Navigate to the Xenta 102-AX object in Building Operation
  2. Drill down to Node Object [0] > nvoRawHwValues > Universal Outputs Current Value
  3. Use the following signals for a true/false status of each command:
    • Damper Drive Down State
    • Damper Drive Up State
    • Universal Output1 state (fan)
    • Universal Output2 state (heat 1)
    • Universal Output3 state (heat 2)
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