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Display uptime of Automation Server


How long has an Automation Server been running since the last power cycle or reboot?


Automation Server

SmartStruxure Device Administrator


The uptime of an Automation Server indicates how long the server has been operational since the last power cycle or system reboot. This is not currently visible in the StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation, but it is available through the Console interface in Building Operation Device Administrator.

By monitoring the uptime of the device this can be a valuable diagnostic tool to determine if power loss occurred, crashes in Automation Server occurred, or other situations that might have resulted in a reboot and what time this occurred.


In the Building Operation Device Administrator connect to an Automation Server (IP or USB) and select the "Open Console" option.

Once logged into the Console issue the "uptime" command in the prompt. The uptime will be listed in Days, Hours, and Minutes as visible below:

admin@AS-B-RKFDMW:~> uptime
 14:18:20 up 1 day,  1:01, load average: 1.26, 1.16, 1.06

If you are using Report Server, this information is also available using SQL Server Management Studio from the Report Server PC. Enter the following query and the "Runtime" column will provide the current uptime for the specified ES or AS.

SELECT Top (1)

CAST(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - DateTimeStamp AS Time) AS 'Runtime'
,DateDiff(Day, DateTimeStamp, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) AS 'Days Up'
,DateDiff(HOUR, DateTimeStamp, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) AS 'Hours Up'
,DateDiff(MINUTE, DateTimeStamp, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) AS 'Minutes Up'
,DateDiff(SECOND, DateTimeStamp, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) AS 'Seconds Up'

FROM [StruxureWareReportsDB].[dbo].[tbEvents]

WHERE SystemEventId = 'Server initialized' AND OriginatedServer = '/Server 1'

ORDER BY DateTimeStamp Desc


NOTE: Change the WHERE statement "OriginatedServer = '/Server 1'" so that '/Server 1' become '/yourServerName'

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