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Display values/objects from a remote MPM on dashboard of the monitor MPM


Cannot select data points of remote nodes to be references in a graphic on the monitor MPM


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager





Feature not built-in


When building dashboards on monitor MPMs, only local points can be used in the graphics. To be able to select points of remote MPMs, The Object_Copy script must be used.

The script will copy points from the remote nodes to the monitor and make them local to that monitor MPM. This method can be used in ZigBee, Canbus and UDP networks.

For example, to copy a point from each of the remote MPMs to the monitor, the script would have to be modified as follows

object_list[1] = {tag = "zone1", source_device = "DEV200", source_point = "AV11", destination_device = "ME", destination_point = "AV1"}

object_list[2] = {tag = "zone2", source_device = "DEV300", source_point = "AV22", destination_device = "ME", destination_point = "AV2"}

object_list[3] = {tag = "zone3", source_device = "DEV400", source_point = "AV33", destination_device = "ME", destination_point = "AV3"}


Important notes:

This script increase the monitor's CPU % usage and increases the traffic on the network. Therefore, depending on the size of the network, it is critical not to use more than a couple of points per remote MPM

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