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Displaying the actual value in an Vista Alarm text/email


Show the actual value of the point being monitored in a Vista Alarm. 


  • A temperature is monitored for a high temperature alarm
  • In the Vista alarm properties, under the Alarm tab, is "Text for Tripped Alarm" and "Text for Reset Alarm"
  • When the alarms trips, the Vista alarm queue should read "High Temperature of 77"


  • Vista Workstation
  • Alarm queue


The fact that an alarm has occurred can be enhanced by displaying the value that caused the alarm to trigger. For example, the room temperature at the time of the high temperature alarm. These values will then be recorded in the event log as well.


  1. Enter the descriptive text into "Text for Tripped Alarm." In this example, "High Temperature of "
  2. Go to the Object tab in the Alarm Properties window and copy all of the text in the Object to monitor
  3. Go back to the Alarm tab in the Alarm Properties window and at the end of the descriptive text add an @ symbol and paste what you have copied from the Object to monitor. For example:
    This will be displayed in the Vista alarm queue as:
    High Temperature of 77
  4. If it reads ??### instead of the value, add ".PV" to the end of the absolute path

NOTE: the actual value may not be displayed in the Event window before Vista 5.1.7 (Vista 5.1.7 is included).

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