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Does Continuum support HID iClass cards and readers?


A project requires iClass cards and readers. Are these available in Infinity 37 bit format and are they compatible with Continuum?




AC-1 family



A project requires iClass cards and readers.


HID iClass cards with the Infinity 37 bit format are commonly used with Continuum. If you use the iClass cards you must use an iClass reader since the operating frequency is different than standard prox (13.56MHz vs. 125KHz).

Continuum does not know the difference between a standard prox Infinity 37 bit and an iClass Infinity 37 bit card. All Continuum cares about is the data stream from the reader. In Continuum you just set the card format in the door editor to Infinity 37 bit for either type.

The iClass cards and readers can be ordered from Schneider's iPortal. You must fill out a form that asks for various card attributes - just like standard prox cards (quantity, start card number, site code, if you want card number printed on it, if you want a slot punch, etc)

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