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Does Niagara R2 provide a way to modify multiple objects property values all at once?


Need to change the booleanKey property value from “overridden” to “value” for hundreds of GxBoolean objects.  Does Niagara R2 provide a way to modify multiple objects’ property values all at once without having to modify each object individually?


Niagara R2 (all versions)


The AdminTool object is a special "utility" apps object, available in the Local Library (tridium JAR file: tridium/apps/AdminTool). This object provides an admin-level command to "Search and Replace" property values for objects in the station database. Config properties define the property name to search, new value to write, plus other parameters for filtering and recursion. This operation automates what would otherwise be a manual process of opening and modifying multiple objects' property sheets.


The setup is as follows:

  1. Copy the AdminTool app from the local library (tridium/apps/AdminTool) into the station.
  2. Double-click the AdminTool and select the Config tab
  3. Configure the AdminTool to change the GxBoolean objects’ booleanKey from “overridden” to “value”:
    • rootNode:                     /db/
    • ppropertyName            booleanKey
    • elelementName          (blank)
    • newnewValue                  Value
    • recurecurseChildre        true  (Setting to true will modify all proppropertyNameselected rootNode)
    • objecobjectTypeFilter     (leave blank- can be set to further filter)
    • nodeNanodeNameFilter    (leave blank- can be set to further filter)
    • PropertPropertyValueFiltereave blank- can be set to further filter)
  4. Right-click AdminToAdminToold selected searchAndReplace.

The GxBooleGxBooleansobjects’nbooleanKeyow be set to “value”.

Addition information can be found in the WorkPlace Pro Help menu located at Help > Index > General Index > AdminTool.

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