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Does ReportCmdLine.exe interact directly with network mail services?


Does ReportCmdLine.exe interact directly with network mail services. 

Does ReportCmdLine.exe function the same as selecting the email delivery icon on the report toolbar?


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The ReportCmdLine.exe and manual report delivery do not function in precisely the same way. 


The ReportCmdLine.exe has no interaction with mail services whatsoever. 

What ReportCmdLine does is it notifies the report object that the report should be created in the form of an email, or a file, or both.  The effect is similar, though not precisely the same as opening the report object and selecting the Email button on the tool bar. 

These two actions, i.e. sending a report email by selecting the report email button or by using the ReportCmdLine argument 3, differ in the following way. 

Report Email button:
The Report Email button creates an email that must then be sent manually. 



When the report object receives the email argument from the ReportCmdLine.exe it creates an email in the Outlook Outbox. 

In either case the email is not sent until, in case of the Report email button, the operator selects the send button on the report email or, in the case of the ReportCmdLine, Outlook is launched upon which it can move the email from it's outbox to the sent mail box. 

These operations are handled by the report object.  ReportCmdLine plays no part in this beyond passing on the argument. 

In either case you need a mail client that supports Enhanced MAPI protocol (IOW/ Outlook) on the same Continuum workstation otherwise the report email will remain in the OutBox and will not be sent until Outlook is launched.

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