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Does a holiday event in an R2 schedule take priority over a special day?


"Special event" time period for occupancy runs through a public holiday. There was a calendar day OFF set for that holiday. The system will run even though the holiday schedule is off due to the special event.

What is the priority between a scheduled special event and a calendar day off and also a time-schedule and a calendar day off?


I/A Series R2 schedule and calendar objects


The behaviour described is as designed, a special event by it's nature is intended to replace the daily schedule and any holiday action whilst active.


The Niagara Standard Programming reference details how the outputs respond to configured schedule event-times and override inputs.

From highest to lowest, the priorities of evaluation can be summarized as follows:

  1. overrideIn input (if linked)
  2. Special Events, as configured replaces holiday and weekly events
  3. holidayOverride input (if linked) replaces weekly events
  4. weekly schedule normal time-of-day (weekly) events

When programming special events the scheduled and holiday actions applicable for that day must be included in the special event.

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