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Domain Usage within SmartStruxure 1.2 and later


The functionality of StruxureWare Domains changed substantially in 1.2. There has been some discussion that the inability to communicate or the failure to transfer data from one SmartStruxure server to another is somehow related to the servers not being in the same StruxureWare Domain. This is not the case. As of 1.2 StruxureWare Domains are not used for communication at all.


Enterprise Server and multiple Automation Servers


StruxureWare Domains are NOT used at all for establishing communication within SmartStruxure 1.2 and later releases

If the AS can be added under the ES and no alarms are generated by the added AS, then full data sharing is possible regardless of StruxureWare Domain creation or membership.


If the AS can not be added under the ES then there is a network problem that is preventing communication from the ES to the AS.

If the AS can be added, but communication errors or lead verification alarms are generated that show the added AS as the source server, then there are network (or firewall) issues that are preventing the AS from communicating with the ES.

If all engineering and configuration is done from the ES with the admin account in the Local Domain

  • All bindings can be created by admin in the local domain
  • All data can be viewed in graphics, trend charts, etc. by admin in the local domain
  • Only data within the local AS can be viewed  by admin logged into the local domain of the AS
  • This is true regardless of WorkStation or WebStation

A StruxureWare Domain other than the local domain must be created and the other servers must be added to that StruxureWare Domain in order for users to have access (viewing or otherwise) to objects in the other servers.

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