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Don't display any contents under Root when use IE browser to access webclient server


After successfully logging on to the webclient server, there are no contents displayed under root. When clicking the "show contents" button on the top-right of the left pane, a prompt says, "There is no contents can be displayed in this container."


  • Webclient
  • Windows 7
  • IIS 7.0


IIS directory browsing feature is disabled for some unknown reason or wrong configuration.


  1. Go to Internet information server manager, click "sites" then "Default website"
  2. Double Click  "Directory Browsing" logo
  3. On the right "Action" pane, click "Enable", you will see it change to "disable" that indicates the Directory Browsing feature has been change to enabled
  4. Save and close IIS manager
  5. Try to log on again.
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