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Door strike not energizing upon pressing door release switch


Why won’t the door strike energize upon pressing door release switch?




Multiple Possible Causes -

  • Programming Error
  • Wiring Error


Determine Cause

  1. Have someone watch the DPU or SCU while you press the exit button.  You should see an LED light come on beside the Lock relay. 
  2. If you do, then you have a wiring issue
  3. If you do not, then you have programming issue


If you have a Wiring Error

  1. Do not assume that because it worked before the wiring is correct
  2. Check the voltage on the lock power supply
  3. Consult the appropriate TCON to determine that the wiring for the exit button is correct
  4. Disconnect the wiring from the DPU/SCU and use a continuity meter to ensure that the exit button is functional.
  5. Hardwire the strike to remain unlocked and check that the door can be opened. (if not, repair door hardware)

If you have a programming Error

  1. Connect to the correct controller
  2. Select Edit>Controller>Doors
  3. Modify the affected door
  4. Ensure that the Door Strike Parameter is set to "Both"
  5. Ensure that the Door Release switch is set to either Normally Open or Normally closed
  6. Ensure that the Strike Duration is long enough to allow a user to press the exit button and still have time to exit the door.
  7. Click OK
  8. Select Edit>Summary>Controller
  9. Ensure that no door points are in manual control
  10. Consult the appropriate TCON to ensure no internal points are taking up needed point addresses.
  11. Re-test the door.
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