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Downloading an older backup copy of a Network 8000 GCM database with SIGNAL software.


A GCM has lost its database and an older backup exists. The backup was done with SIGNAL software. Since then, the SIGNAL host computer was replaced. After placing a copy of the older backup in the UPLOAD directory, SIGNAL's download feature does not recognize the file.


  • SIGNAL for Windows 95/98 (version 4.4.1)
  • SIGNAL for Windows XP (version 5.0.0)
  • GCM-84000 series
  • GCM-86000 series


The updown.dat "index" file used as reference by SIGNAL's download feature does not exist.

It must contain at least one entry indicating that a backup copy of the GCM database exists in the UPLOAD directory.


  1. Even though the GCM lost its database, use SIGNAL's upload command to create a new backup copy of the GCM. 
    This process will create a new updown.dat "index' file and a file containing a backup copy of the GCM database.  The filename will be similar to:  UP016724.G1
  2. Using Windows Explorer, go to the SIGNAL\UPLOAD directory and rename file UP016724.G1 to test.G1
  3. Paste a copy of the older backup file and rename it to match the filename created in step 1 (UP016724.G1)
  4. Return to the SIGNAL desktop and perform a download.  SIGNAL will proceed to use the older backup file that was renamed.
  5. When the download is complete, review the database in the GCM with Terminal Mode to ensure all blocks are working and to make any programming changes. 
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