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Downloads and Schneider Electric software, tools, documents, and tips


How to download I/NET, Vista, IA, Satchwell, Field Devices, Continuum, StruxureWare, and  tools, and documents


In need of the original or latest version of I/NET, Vista, IA, Satchwell, Field Devices, Continuum, StruxureWare and  tools and docs


Find that the Extranet download is cumbersome or difficult with 3 or 4 files, slow download, or cannot unzip


There are three alternatives besides the Buildings Business Extranet (BBE)site.
1. Visit the Exchange Extranet 

For I/NET:  go to PSSBuildings/ Product Support/ INET/ Software Downloads folder.
For Vista: go to PSSBuildings/ Product Support/ Vista
For Continuum: go to PSSBuildings/ Product Support/ Continuum/ CyberStation Revisions

3. Visit our Buildings and Pelco Community website. Here you will find a host of information available.

It is important to use the correct compression software as indicated on the Buildings Business Extranet website.  In most cases WinZip or WinRAR tools function correctly.  7-Zip has been found to not work in most cases.

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