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Downloads to controllers are not working.


Downloads to some, or all, controllers are not working. Controllers are online to Security Expert but do not receive updates to Users or other changes and forcing a download does not work.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert


One of the Controllers download files has become corrupt.


1. On the Security Expert Server browse to ..\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\SecurityExpert\Download.

2. Review the Controller .dat files, there is one file for each Controller Id in the Database. Check if any of these files have a 0 bytes file size.

3. Shut down Security Expert.

4. Shut down the Security Expert Download Service. 

5. Delete each of the .dat files that does have a 0 bytes file size. These will be automatically recreated from the data in the Database.

6. Start the Security Expert Download Service. 

7. Start up and login to Security Expert. Attempt to perform a forced download to the controllers and review the Download Server Diagnostics Window to confirm the .dat file is being downloaded.

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