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Duplicate Item name error when attempting to edit object.


Changing an object attribute value (i.e. InfinityOutput state) results in error:

An error was detected while attempting to set an attribute in a remote Infinity object: Infinity error duplicate item name.


All CXs

All i2s

All B3s


An object with the same name as the one being edited exists in the database.


  1. Rename the object in question.
    1. From the Continuum Explorer, right click the item
    2. Click on 'Rename'.
    3. Modify the name and alias to make it unique. For example, change CondensatePump1 to CondensatePump_1
      References to the name (PE programs) will automatically pick up the new name as they refer to the object by handle id.
  2. Another possible solution is to reload the controller to sync up the controller's DB with the SQL DB.
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