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ES connect to 3rd party BACnet devices such as ACX using StruxureWare Building Operation


ES connect to 3rd party BACnet devices in StruxureWare Building Operation


StruxureWare Building Operation site with Enterprise Server. Connection to BACnet devices such as ACX.


Desire to use ES rather than AS


As of StruxureWare Building Operation 1.1 the ACX with BACnet I/P xDriver with the ES, we can see the points, load them into the BACnet interface, and view them in tgml. The BACnet IP xDriver and User Guide is available on The Exchange Download Center.

The following screen captures are from the ACX where a simple Infinity Numeric is setup called ACXdevice:

Next the xDriver for the ACX is loaded and setup as Server with the following settings: (Note the IP Address references the IP of the ACX controller)

Next a simple Numeric is setup called BacTest1 with the following settings: (Note the IP Address is left blank)

Next another Numeric is created called CocaCola1 with the following settings:

Next from the Enterprise Server, a 'Find New BACnet devices' is done to find the ACX and the two Numerics created:

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