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EasyLobby Database Installation and other Add On software programs


EL100DatabaseSetup.exe fails to execute correctly and will not build the EasyLobby database on the SQL server


SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 – All versions 



EasyLobby database creation via the .exe will not complete successfully due to a pathing issue with database file locations.


Run the SQL script that is attached to this Lessons Learned article via SQL Management tool. Make sure to double check the two lines near the top of the SQL script that specify the exact filepath(s) where the .mdf and .ldf files are to be created, as that could be unique on any given SQL Server.

Easy Lobby is available as a downloadable .doc: EasyLobby Schneider Electric Solution Guide.

For all the add on products for Continuum, please visit this Exchange Extranet.
For assistance with Add-On products, email

Other add on software is Elevator Control, Reporting Modules for Continuum, Photo Album & Badge Printing App, Automatic Extended Log Archiver, Personnel Data Importer, Area Purge, Video Monitor, and Time Tracker. These products are available for a fee. PSS does not have pricing or availability for the programs. This can be found by contacting your sales representative for your region.

Pricing is per machine rather than a site. Time Tracker for example,requires a software license and utilizes a software key, which is connected to the workstation’s printer port or USB dongle. A cookie is sent directly from the factory which updates the dongle used by the computer. Emailed instructions come with the cookie explaining how to install. Again, contact your sales representative to purchase a software license, software key, and activation code.

EasyLobby Support:
EasyLobby directly supports their software as well as the integration to Continuum.
Please forward all EasyLobby support requests directly to them.
(US) 001-781-455-8558

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