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EcoStruxure Building Operation concurrent users


  • How many concurrent users can connect to the system


  • StruxureWare Building Operation
  • EcoStruxure Building Operation


In datasheet it is unclear how many concurrent users can connect to an AS without affecting performance


The intent in the guidelines is to provide the concurrent user connections given that the clients are not all accessing data through the same Automation Server to the same Field Controller. 

Therefore, if the load is distributed – 

  • ES Clients viewing data from the ES (or a scattered variety of Automation Servers and below)
  • AS Clients viewing data from that AS 

Then it should be safe to add the client totals for all AS and ES clients together. The local AS connections are intended to help with scaled use of clients at a site-wide or multi-site system. The typical use case is for operators within a building, floor or tenant to connect locally to the AS, while central operators connect to the ES without impacting each other. 

If all ES Clients and all clients on a single AS are all accessing data from that AS and below then the performance could drop below acceptable levels.

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