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Editing the sample Personnel Import Utility (PIU) XSL files.


Proper way to 'activate' portions of Personnel Import Utility (PIU) XSL files.


CyberStation with PIU


Difficulty in getting transformation file to import records


Transformation files used with the PIU are located in the \Continuum directory. These are XSL files and are built in a way that features are commented out in the file and those features can be 'activated' by uncommenting. XSL is a language for expressing style sheets. An XSL style sheet is a file that describes how to display an XML document of a given type.

When the XSL files are opened with Internet Explorer (IE) you see color-coding and bold text. The bold text is activated, the light grey is not. You can only view the code in IE, not edit it. Use an advanced text editor like Notepad ++ ( and you can easily see and edit the file to activate portions of it.

Note: Make sure when 'activating" the syntax option in the file by removing the leading  - <!--   you also remove the trailing   --> . 

Click here to see what the file CSVToContinuumTransformation.xsl looks like.

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