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Enable XDriver on a CX9200


How to enable Xdriver on a CX9200


Continuum Cyberstation


When Infinity chips are installed on a CX9200 controller, it will not accept the XDriver upgrade cookie.  Attempting to change the commport configuration to Xdriver will return an error "Invalid Mode."

Continuum chips are needed to properly apply the cookie. The controller can then be returned to Infinity by replacing the Continuum chip set. The Xdriver can then be used. Most commonly, the issue is due to the Infinity chip set not allowing the XDriver upgrade, but the chip set is not properly identified before the Xdriver upgrade is attempted.


Enable an XDriver on an Infinity CX9200 must be accomplished from a dumb terminal connection:

Log on to the controller via Hyperterminal

  1. Load -o -m with the XDriver cookie file provided by the repair department.
  2. Go to the Hyperterminal Transfer pull down menu and select "Send to Text File" and select the file as provided by Repair.
  3. Hit Enter to start the transfer.
  4. Send to database from the Continuum Explorer and only select the specific CX9200 controller.
  5. When the upgrade has completed, power down the controller, then repower the controller.
  6. Verify that the ACCSetEEVal string point in the CX9200 has been created.
  7. Check the Options tab of the Continuum controller editor and verify that the commport has been properly enabled for XDriver.
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