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Enabling or disabling alarms for a group of users


For maintenance of the site we would like the possibillity to turn a "User Group - Alarm" on or off


TAC Vista 5.1.9


"User Group - Alarm" is used when you want specific users to be able to see specific alarms.  For example an alarm control bound to a specific "User Group - Alarm" will only send its alarm to users added to User Group Alarm.

When doing maintenance on a site there is often many alarms which the users are not interested in, and this is why the users need to be able to disable a certain alarm user group.


It is possible to connect the alarm user group to a timechart. The alarm user group will only be active as long as the time chart is on.

1. Define a "Time Chart - Local" in TAC Vista

2. Select and open the appropriate "User Group - Alarm" object

3. On "Time chart" select a timechart object created in step 1 and click OK


Now none of the users in the alarm group will receive alarms, as the time schedule linked to the alarm user group is inactive.

To return to normal alarm handling, remove the time schedule reference created in step 3, and delete the time chart created in step 1.

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