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Enocean Profiles (EEP) for MPM and maximum number of devices


Unable to determine whether the Enocean device in hand is compatible with MPM controllers

Unable to add more devices to a MPM controller


Multi-Purpose Manager


Some pre-configured icons in the "Add Devices" list have a name but do not have a specified enocean profile or vice versa.


The Following devices are embedded in the MPM firmware and require no scripts to integrate with an MPM. All Devices in the below list (except for Enocean relay) are outbound devices (i.e. devices that are only able to send telegrams to other devices)

MPM Sub-device list


Compatible Schneider-Electric Products

CO2 Sensor A5-09-04

CO2 Sensor               

SR04 CO2 (LSS442510) (868MHz)

Door/Window Sensor D5-00-01

Single Input Contact

SED-WDS-U-5045 (902MHz)

10020032 (LSS10020032)

10020042 (LSS10020042)

10020047 (LSS10020047)

Double Rocker Switch F6-02-01

Light and Blind Control – Application Style 1


10020048 (LSS10020048) (868MHz)

Enocean Relay

Inbound profile


Enocean Switch

Light and Blind Control – Application Style 2


10020049 (LSS10020049) (868MHz)

Enocean Thermostat



KeyCard Switch F6-04-01

Key Card Activated Switch

SED-KCS-U-5045 (902MHz)

Light Sensor A5-06-01

Light Sensor Range 300lx to 60.000lx

10020047 (LSS10020052)

Light Sensor A5-06-02

Light Sensor Range 0lx to 1.020lx

SED-LLS-U-5045 (902MHz)

LSS10020053 (868MHz)

Motion Sensor A5-07-01

Occupancy Sensor with Supply Voltage monitor


SED_CMS_U_5045 (902MHz)

Thermostat A5-02-05

Temperature sensor Range 0°C to +40°C

SED-T00-U-5045 (902MHz)

10020046 (LSS10020046)

10020033 (LSS10020033)

Thermostat A5-04-01

Temperature & Humidity sensor Range 0°C to +40°C and 0% to 100%

SED-TH0-U-5045 (902MHz)

10020041 (LSS10020041)

SR04 rH

Thermostat A5-08-01

Light, Temperature and Occupancy sensor Range 0lx to 510lx, 0°C to +51°C and Occupancy Button


Thermostat A5-10-03

Room Operating Panel: Temperature Sensor and Set Point Control

SR04 P (LSS226172)

Thermostat A5-10-05

Room Operating Panel: Temperature Sensor, Set Point and Occupancy Control

SED-TS0-U-5045 (902MHz)

Thermostat A5-10-10

Room Operating Panel: Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Set Point and Occupancy Control

SED-THS-U-5045 (902MHz)

Thermostat A5-10-12

Room Operating Panel: Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Set Point

SR04P rH(LSS252331)

Thermostat A5-10-19

Room Operating Panel: Humidity, Temperature Set Point, Temperature Sensor, Fan Speed and Occupancy Control


-The maximum number of devices added to each MPM is 49
-The maximum number of EnOcean devices added to each MPM is 49
-The maximum number of EnOcean devices with the same EEP added to each MPM is 49 .This only applies to firmware 2.13.1 and later, the limit for previous firmwares is 20. An Exception is the following limits for devices/widgets per MPM

  • 20 EnOcean Switches
  • 20 EnOcean Relays
  • 4 EnOcean Thermostats


The Devices in the next table do not have a pre-configured icon in the devices list, however, scripts can be used instead and can be found below (Please read PDF first)

Enocean Scanner

Enocean device driver

Valve driver


Enocean profiles supported in script

EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP)


Example of Compatible Devices

(EEP A5-38-08)

Central Command Gateway

Plug-in 15 Amp 120V 902Mhz

5-Wire 6A Relay 24V 902Mhz

3-Wire 6A Relay 120/240/277V 902Mhz

(EEP A5-11-01)

Lighting Controller

15A-20A 120/277/347V 902Mhz

(inbound profile: A5-11-01)

15A 120-277V 902Mhz

(inbound profile: A5-11-01)

(EEP A5-10-04)

Temperature Sensor, Set Point and Fan Speed Control

Thermokon SR04PS

(EEP A5-02-14)

Temperature Sensor Range -20°C to +60°C

Thermokon SR65TF

(EEP F6-03-01)

2 to 4 Rocker Switch (Light and Blind Control)

Push-button, 2-gang

(EEP A5-20-1)

Battery Powered Actuator

Thermokon SAB02/SAB05



Din Relay 1 channel

(inbound profile: F6-02-02)



PWM 230V valve driver

(inbound profile: A5-02-05)

PWM 24V valve driver

(inbound profile: A5-02-05)

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