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Enterprise Server station upgrade failure from I/A Series R2 version 529 to 532


Enterprise Server station upgrade failure from I/A Series R2 version 529 to 532. The station in version 529 was successfully converted from DB to XML format. The following error was seen when converting the station from XML to DB in version 532.

ERROR: c:\niagara\r2.301.532\stations\\config.xml (7270,149) : Unknown class "tridiumx.commercialCooking.CommercialCookingService". Parse of XML failed.


I/A Series r2.301.529 and earlier
I/A Series r2.301.532


When you create a new station as a server station in I/A Series R2, you will normally select the option 'Is this station going to be a server?' checkbox in the New Station Wizard. When you make this selection, the Backup Service and the Database Service which are needed by a server station will be automatically selected.
In versions r2.301.529 WorkPlace Pro and earlier, the Commercial Cooking Service is also automatically selected, so this should be unchecked since this is not being used. However, if you did not uncheck the Commercial Cooking Service, the Enterprise Server station will still run and work normally.

In I/A Series version r2.301.532, the Commercial Cooking module is no longer available and is not installed during the installation of the I/A Series software. The error will occur if you try to convert the station database from XML to DB in version 532 because the database contains the Commercial Cooking Service which does not have a corresponding module.


In I/A Series version 529, you should remove the Commercial Cooking Service from the station before you perform a conversion from DB to XML format.

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